IBM Debuts 100GHz Graphene Processor

IBM has established a new record in the ultra-high-speed transistor design, by unleashing a graphene-based processor that can perform at 100 billion cycles a second, i.e. 100GHz, almost four times the existing experimental graphene-based processors.

With this breakthrough revelation, Big Blue has just showcased the fact that graphene-based processors can indeed be produced in a wafer-style manner, paving the way for large scale production of these high speed processors.

This implies that these graphene-processors could well form the foundation high-end signal processing machinery, enhancing the quality of video and audio recording, medical imaging, as well as radar processing.

IBM carried out the work on behalf of the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known as DARPA, under the project to develop high-profile radio frequency (RF) transistors, and the information about the programme is published in the 5th February issue of the journal Science.

The research paper noted that the highly touted 100GHz field-effect transistor exploits the high carrier mobilities of graphene, which includes one atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms fabricated on Silicon substrate.

Dr T.C. Chen, VP for science and technology, said in a statement: “A key advantage of graphene lies in the very high speeds in which electrons propagate, which is essential for achieving high-speed, high-performance next generation transistors.”

Our Comments

Graphene, which is a type of Carbon material, has been known to scientists for more than two decades now but applications and production have been lagging behind and exist naturally as a honeycomb lattice which allows them to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions

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