IBM Unveils New Version Of Lotus Symphony

International Business Machines (IBM) has rolled out the second beta version of its Lotus Symphony 3 office productivity suite in an attempt to take on Microsoft by offering a free alternative to Microsoft’s Office productivity suite.

Lotus Symphony 3 has been created by IBM by using the current 3 code stream and is designed to offer support for embedded audio/video, Visual Basic macros and OLE objects.

According to several tech experts, IBM has introduced a lot of new features in the second beta version of Lotus Symphony 3 by adding a bunch of tweaks to the software along with introducing support for nested tables, presentation masters and DataPilot tables for managing huge datasets.

Commenting on the release of the beta version, IBM in an official statement mentioned “Users will also find enhanced support for and interoperability with Microsoft Office 2007 files and file formats. The OpenOffice 3 code means we pick up a lot of improvements both from the ODF file format as well as the core code base.”

However, few fail to notice the fact that IBM is trying to edge out the Redmond based software giant by offering a free version of its Office software that does not come cheap.

Our Comments

But only a handful believe that IBM will be able to take-on Microsoft Office, which has emerged as the most widely adopted software suite of all time. There's also a lingering question. What will happen to Lotus Smartsuite which is still stuck on version 9.8 and was launched back in 2002.

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