Intel keeps chipping away at Itanium

Intel formally introduced the Itanium processor 9300 today, server chip day. The chip previously codenamed "Tukwila," slipped berth with nary a whisper of X86 architecture. Which, at the other end of the scale, Intel insists is the backbone of the ubiquitous Interweb.

One-time would-be flagship of the Intel fleet, the patched up Itanic now sports two-billion transistors, so it should know its onions within billiseconds.

It sports four cores and runs two threads per core. A number IBM calls measly.

The chip has added cache, fatter interconnect bandwidth, five times the memory bandwidth and boosted memory capacity using standard DDR3 memory.

Intel said it delivers more than double the performance of its predecessor.

The Itanium 9300 series ranges in price from $946 to $3,838 in quantities of 1,000. OEM systems are expected to ship within 90 day, Intel proclaimed.