LG telly perfect for pirates

Korean electronics conglomerate LG is set to enrage the entertainment industry with a slew of new TVs featuring USB support.

The flat screen sets are capable of reading all sorts of data from an external USB hard drive, including video, pictures and music, which on its own is probably more than enough to get the media mafia's dogs of law frothing at the mouth.

Allowing people to protect their physical media by copying DVDs and the like to a hard drive is the devil's work, according to massively rich movie cartels, and anyone caught doing so should be hung up in public by their dangly bits.

But no... allowing people to copy films they own wasn't enough for LG. It had to shake the beast into action by brazenly showing people how to play pirated movies in the TV's instruction manual!

And how do we know they are pirated files? Take a look at the partial file names for The Incredibles. The REPACK bit suggests that the file has been modified from an original illegal post. It may been tweaked to improve the video quality, or had audio from another source added. AC3_5.1 means it has high quality surround sound sound. All common naming conventions for Usenet binaries posts.

Add that to the fact that the file has been split into two parts, which is usually done to allow the film to be copied onto two standard CDs rather than more expensive DVDs, and you might as well have called it 'The Incredibles illegal pirate copy with nice sound'.

It looks like whoever took the screen shots for the instruction manual downloaded a few dodgy films and didn't consider the implications when millions of people buy a new TV and see the evidence staring them in the face.

The gaffe was originally spotted by an obscure German blogger, and picked up by Torrent Freak, but we expect a frenzy of outraged activity once the movie companies get wind of this one.