Symantec sued over update charges

A bloke from New York has sued peddlar of security software, Symantec for automatically charging him a $76 subscription to Norton Antivirus without telling him.

Symantec has already landed itself in hot water on similar charges. On that occasion, Symantec and rival McAfee both promised the New York Attorney General's office they would buck their ideas up - after each paying a $375,000 fine - and stop nicking people's cash without telling them.

But according to the lawsuit filed January 19th in a New York County court, punter Kenneth Elan of Port Washington, New Yoik says Symantec renewed his licence for Norton Antivirus for a year without telling him, and charged his credit card $76.03 for good measure.

Both Symantec and McAfee had agreed to "provide electronic notification to consumers before and after renewal of the subscription." Elan claims Symantec has not abided by that settlement.

"If plaintiff had notice of an opportunity to decline the automatic renewal, plaintiff would not have renewed the license [sic]," the court documents state.

Elan charges Symantec with employing deceptive business practices. He asked the court to get the company to refund fees generated by automatic renewals and sought class-action status for the lawsuit, so that anyone with a similar complaint against the company can join in.

Symantec has yet to comment on the matter.