UK Mobile Users Flock To Facebook Website

Social networking website Facebook attracted a significant number of mobile phone users in December 2009 as figures published by the Mobile Media Metrics service showed that a third of UK handsets accessed the website during the last month of last year.

In total, 2.16 billion Facebook pages were viewed out of a grand total of 6.7 billion. The figures were compiled by ComScore and the GSM Association and do represent a comprehensive survey of the 16 million or so UK-based smartphones that are web-capable.

The research also showed that on average, each smartphone user spent around 300 minutes worth of talktime. The primary data is collected anonymously and comes from the top five networks, although we're not sure whether MVNO's like Talkmobile or Virgin Mobile are included.

The MMM service also showed that the top 10 websites browsed in December 2009 represented 70 percent of total pages viewed as well as the total time spent online on smartphones.

Nearly half ot the total page views in December were consulted on a smartphone, which is impressive given that smartphones account for around 25 percent of the mobile phone market.

Interestingly, a little known website, Flirtomatic, managed to surpass Yahoo with a whopping 55 million minutes compared to Yahoo's 49 million minutes. Orange & Vodafone were also big winners clocking respectively 139 million and 89 million minutes respectively.

Our Comments

No trace of Twitter here which shows how dominating Facebook really is. It is hard to think that this website is only a few years old and has managed to become one of the biggest online properties by remaining faithful to what it does since the beginning.

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