US Survey Predicts Apple iPad To Be Embarrassing Flop

Apple's latest consumer device, the iPad, has apparently failed to wow potential customers based in the US according to a survey carried out by Retrevo, a consumer electronics price comparison website across the pond.

Interestingly, Retrevo carried out one survey before and another one after the product launch on the Apple iPad and asked about a double-barrelled question; whether the respondents heard about the tablet and whether they'd like to buy one.

The portion of those saying that they've heard of the iPad grew from 48 percent to 82 percent within weeks but the percentage saying that they won't need to buy one shot from 26 percent to 52 percent, a very worrying trend for Apple.

In addition, a third question asked those probed whether they will need one tablet from what they've heard from it. Shockingly, 61 percent said that they'd not need one, 12 percent more than before the product launch.

Only five percent said that they would definitely buy one iPad. The survey was carried out amongst 1000 people and the results might cause Apple's marketing department to rethink their strategies prior to the launch of the device.

Oh and apparently 59 percent - that's 3 out of every 5 Retrovo users who responded - say that they'd not pay $130 more to buy the 3G version which means that the iPad is likely be used indoors mainly for some.

Our Comments

The iPad is a gamble for Apple and they know it. It is still early days and Apple has more than 100 days to prove Retrevo wrong. We have been critical of the iPad before but you must certainly agree that Apple has the balls to launch a product in a category where so many have failed.

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