Windows Mobile details leaked

Details of Microsoft's much delayed update to its mobile operating system have allegedly been leaked just weeks before it was due to make its debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Web has been awash with rumours and fake pics for months now, but the folks at PPC Geeks have posted what they say is the closest they have heard to genuine information, whilst pointing out that the details may not be 'entirely official'.

According to the report, Microsoft will unveil the interface of the renamed Windows Phone 7 at MWC, but deeper functionality will be revealed at a later date. Which smells very much to us like they don't have a working OS, but will be fobbing us off with a few screen shots and half-cocked GUI demos rather than anything of any worth.

Rumour has it that the user interface will be very similar to the Zune HD and that Flash will be conspicuous by its absence. Whether this is just another 'Coming Soon' feature, or if Microsoft is following Apple's lead and dumping the notoriously buggy and often overblown graphics and video format is open to conjecture.

Microsoft is also following Apple's lead on a number of other fronts, according to the post, as applications will only be installable through Microsoft's iTunes doppleganger Marketplace and syncing will take place in the Zune software.

We'll have to wait for MWC to get under way to find the full truth behind the rumours but, from what we are hearing, the Windows Mobile announcement will very much be a taste of things to come rather than a full announcement of a working OS, which is all very disappointing.