Adobe says sorry for unfixed Flash flaw

Software company Adobe has apologised for not fixing a serious bug in its Flash graphics and video package which was first reported in Septmeber 2008.

In a humble blog posting, a red-faced Adobe employee indentified only as Emmy said, "We picked up the bug as a crasher when it was filed on September 22, 2008, and were able to reproduce it. Remember that Flash Player 10 shipped in October 2008, so when this bug was reported we were pretty much locked and loaded for launch. The mistake we made was marking this bug for "next" release, which is the soon to be released Flash Player 10.1, instead of marking it for the next Flash Player 10 security dot release."

The admission comes just days after the war of words between Apple supremo Steve Jobs and Flash boss Kevin Lynch decended into a handbags-at-dawn tussle, with Jobs calling the folks at Flash lazy, and the software buggy, and Lynch accusing Apple of not sharing its toys.

The bug in question was originally reported to Adobe by Matthew Dempsky and caused the Flash player to crash.

"We should have kept in contact with the submitter and to let him know the progress," continues the blog post, "sorry we did not do that. Having that line of communication open would have allowed him to let us know directly that it was still an issue. I intend to follow up with the product manager who worked on this issue to make sure it doesn't happen again. It slipped through the cracks, and it is not something we take lightly."

The bug, known as JIRA FP-677, has been fixed in the latest version 10.1 of the player.