Apple iPhone 4G Parts Pictures Appear Online

A repair company called IresQ has posted pictures of what appears to be genuine parts for the next generation iPhone 4G smartphone which should be launched on the market by June 2010 during Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference.

According to the photos posted online, the new iPhone would be at least 6mm taller than the previous ones - which will bring in a massive boost for accessories manufacturers as many will have to change their cases.

The screen size however as well as the width of the device appear to have stayed the same. iResQ also points out to what appears to be a proximity sensor just above the earpiece and says that the fact that the LCD is glued by default to the digitizer will add to the cost of repairing any iPhone 4G screens.

The fact that the photos were not issued by an "anonymous source" and that they are high quality snapshots add to their truthfulness. As for the extra room, it begs for the question, will Apple add an even bigger battery or is there something else that will fit in there?

There has also been some discontent with regards to fact that the 3.5-inch screen is still the same size, only to be surrounded by a bigger bezel. We estimate that Apple may decide to increase the size of the iPhone 4G screen to 4-inch.

Our Comments

Silicon Alley Insider says that the reflective surface could be used for a front-facing camera, for example to measure how far your face is from the screen. Some are also saying that it might be an indicator LED to inform you of unread emails/SMS or push notifications like on Blackberry.

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