BT On Target With 24mbps Nationwide Roll Out

BT, formerly known as British Telecom, has announced that the company has successfully rolled out its Wholesale Broadband Connect product that offers speeds of up to 24 mbps to half of UK homes and businesses.

According to a statement released by the company, the 730 telephones exchanges that are owned by BT are now equipped with 21st century network technology, this means that they can offer speeds up to 24Mbps via ADSL2+ as compared to the standard 8Mbps ADSL line.

As one of Britain's most popular broadband services providers, BT, said that as of January 2010, over half a million BT customers were accessing the internet via ADSL2+ with around 20000-30000 customers being added every week.

Commenting on the success of BT's Wholesale Broadband Connect product, Sian Baldwin, BT Wholesale's director of broadband and content services said that the company aims to offer the WBC product to as many UK homes as possible so that everyone has an access to high speed broadband.

She also added that “Running over BT's 21st Century Network, Wholesale Broadband Connect offers greater control, choice and flexibility as well as higher speeds.”

The broadband giant also claimed that the company further plans to extend WBC usage to 55 percent of UK homes by March end and disclosed plans to roll-out next generation broadband to 20 million UK homes by spring 2011.

Our Comments

BT has been doing fairly well lately. Earlier this year, it launched the fibre-optic based Infinity package which offered a whopping 40mbps broadband line for a rock bottom price (albeit with more than a few strings attached). ADSL appears to be a temporary solution for BT.

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