CEOP To Use Cartoon To Highlight Dangers Of Online Meeting

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) has launched a new initiative on EU's Safer Internet Day, under which five year old internet users will be educated on internet safety by the means of a new interactive campaign of games and cartoons centered around the adventures of Lee and Kim.

The new child protection campaign will try to warn children about the dangers of the internet and advising them on online privacy so that they don't give out personal information online.

According to new study conducted by Ofcom, 80 per cent of five to seven-year-olds and 94 per cent of nine to eleven year-olds actively use the internet, with an increasing proportion being left alone with this virtual childminder.

CEOP reported that the new campaign has garnered the support of around 39,000 volunteers, who will be trained to give advice to both children and parents across the country in schools and workshop events.

Commenting on the newly launched child protection program which will feature educational cartoons, clinical psychologist, broadcaster and author, David Coleman, said that “The Lee and Kim film introduces young children to a number of important concepts which will enable them to explore online environments safely.”

Our Comments

The CEOP has been working tirelessly over the past couple of years to promote online child safety and devising methods for warning young children about the dangers of internet and cyber-bullying. If all the work of the CEOP helps to save even one child, it will be worth it.

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