Google To Provide With Voice Support For Nexus One Smartphone

Google Inc., which recently launched its Android based Nexus One smartphone, has started customer support operations for the users of Nexus One with a goal of providing technical support in a timely manner.

However, the move didn't come as a surprise as recently Google had posted a job opening ad for a "Phone Support Program Manager, Android/Nexus One,” to be based at the company's Mountain View, California headquarters

Earlier, when Google launched Nexus One, its online support forums were filled with hundreds of customer queries as Nexus One users were experiencing technical and shipping problems.

At that time Google had redirected the confused customers to HTC and T-Mobile, Google's hardware and telecom network provider partners for Nexus One.

But this time, Google is willing to attend to customers suggestions and solve their problems directly by starting a 24 hour customer support hotline which was till recently only limited to paid customers of Google Apps.

A Google spokesperson, commenting on Google's new Live Phone support operation, said in a statement that ”Our approach with our new consumer channel is to learn fast and continue to improve...Live phone support from Google, combined with an optimized on-line support experience, enables a superior Nexus One customer experience.”

Our Comments

What's happening to Google? After the Superbowl ads on television (remember television and ads), now it is starting to employ real people to talk and discuss on what they call telephone handsets to customers? What's next? Reviving Google Answers perhaps?

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