Google Tells Goojje To Back Off From Its Logo

In an unsurprising move, Google has warned a copycat Chinese site to cease using its trademark logo, or else it would have to stay prepared to face the legal action for doing so, according to media reports.

As per a report published in the Shenzhen Economic Daily on Monday, the US-based search engine giant has threatened a Chinese knock-off website “Goojje” with legal action for allegedly using its logo on its page.

The report of the probable legal action surfaced amid all the brouhaha surrounding Google’s likely exit from the Chinese market after it reportedly refused to obey Chinese Government’s web censorship rules and procedures.

Google has charged Goojje with trademark violation, asserting that the logo of the copycat website could make web users to consider it was some authorised or affiliate site of the US-based firm, the news portal reported.

In a notice sent to Goojje, Google’s lawyers have asked the Chinese website owners to stop using the search company’s trademark logo by Monday, the report added.

Incidentally, Goojje was pushed online by a 20-member team led by a female student identified as Wen, after the search engine giant threatened to pull out from the Chinese market following alleged cyber attacks on its site.

Our Comments

Google is likely to be miffed by anyone who tries to infringe upon its copyright. What is particularly interesting is how fast it has managed to act... Still, Goojje's website is still fairly active under the domain name and not only carries Google's signature designs but also Baidu's

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