Macworld Expo 2010 To Open Without Apple

Macworld Expo and Conference, the world's biggest Apple related conference and product showcase, will begin at San Francisco’s Moscone Center with no official Apple booth on the exhibition floor.

It has been confirmed that Apple representatives will not be attending the Macworld conference and the exhibition will be bereft of special key-note speeches and new product launches from the Cupertino based company.

The Macworld Expo, which has been taking place for the past 25 years, will feature around 250 vendors who will showcase Apple related products and third party Mac products.

Several sources close to the expo have confirmed that this year the Macworld expo will focus on iPhone apps with a mobile apps showcase hosting 70 iPhone developers.

Paul Kent, International Data Group’s general manager of Macworld Expo 2010, commenting on the popular expo said that “The really important thing with Macworld is that it’s popular, and it’s one of the last bastions where just a regular old user can come, go shopping and go to conference sessions. Macworld in the absence of Apple becomes a fan fest.”

Apple Inc. apparently pulled out of the Macworld Expo in 2008, as the company felt that it had managed to cultivate a strong retail position that it did not need a trade show to showcase its products.

Our Comments

Macworld without Apple is like Tom without Jerry. Apple knows that it no longer needs a for-profit organisation like Macworld Expo and has more control over its message to its growing user (and fan) base. Apple events are also much more polarised with WWDC being the main event .

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