Microsoft Drops Price Of Zune HD Player

In what could be seen as a promotional move, Microsoft Corp. has quietly slashed prices of its popular Zune HD portable media players (PMPs) though it’s still not clear that whether the price-cut is temporary or permanent in nature.

The company has dropped the prices of its 16GB model to $190 on Amazon, while the 32GB model will now sport a price tag worth $249, a significant drop of around $30 and $40 on the models respectively.

However, it has been reported that other online stores, including Best Buy and Microsoft’s own store, have also slashed the prices of both the models by $20, but they are still selling them at the prices higher than Amazon.

It is believed that the stores would further drop prices to match the Amazon’s offering. Previously, the 16GB version Zune HD player was priced at $219, whereas the 32GB Zune HD model had a price tag of $289.

The reason behind the price-cuts is yet to be uncovered, while many analysts attribute a hardware refresh as its underlying cause; however, Microsoft hasn’t officially revealed any details about it yet.

Widely regarded as the most notable iPod competitor, Zune HD comes with a 3.3-inch OLED touchscreen display, with video resolution being 480 x 272 with a 16:9 screen ratio, and an in-built HD Radio along with dock connector for HDTV output.

Our Comments

It is ironic that Microsoft wants the Zune HD to be a successful product and yet has failed to sell it outside the US. By comparison, the iPod Touch is available in countries afar as Mauritius. So why is Microsoft voluntarily putting itself in trouble by limiting the sales of the Zune HD? We sincerely don't know.

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