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Microsoft Rolls Out Child-Proof Internet Explorer Browser

Microsoft Corp, the world’s largest software maker has rolled out a brand new edition of its popular Internet explorer 8 web browser which will allow kids and their parents to alert the authorities if they come across inappropriate content over the internet.

The Internet Explorer 8 Click Clever, Click Safe browser has been developed by the software giant in association with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center (CEOP) in an attempt to protect children from cyber-bullying, inappropriate online behaviour and people who seek vulnerable children over the internet.

According to the company, the web browser allows one-click access to reporting tools which will enable children and families to flag inappropriate websites to the authorities, and seek help and advice on how to cope with cyber bullying or unwanted online attention.

Commenting on the online child protection offered by the new IE8 edition, Matthew Bishop, a business and marketing officer at Microsoft said to the Telegraph that “It allows people to get information on a whole range of issues. It is a one-stop shop for a family's online safety needs, and parents do need that reassurance and support.”

Microsoft decided to dish out the child-friendly version of IE8 on Safer Internet Day and is designed to offer help, advice and report services directly from the tool bar. It can be downloaded from here.

Our Comments

Even if you already have Internet Explorer 8 you can still customise the browser with the CEOP tools and overall, this is a pretty good idea and one which is likely to get IE8 some well needed cookie points after the PR fiasco that IE6 generated earlier this year.

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