Nintendo nabs Mario Wii pirate down under

An unnamed Australian man has been collared for uploading a Wii game to file sharing services and now faces an Aus $1.5 million fine.

Striking a blow for corporate sanity, the Japanese gaming giant spent some time and money chasing the source of the upload rather than those simply downloading the dodgy files or innocent ISPs.

Super Mario Brothers Wii was first spotted on the Internet on November 6th 2009, a week before the official release, suggesting that the miscreant had insider access to the game's code.

The fact that the pirate's identity has been kept a secret might also suggest that he was a Nintendo insider, or someone with access to the disk manufacturing process, a revelation which would be highly embarrassing to all of the parties involved.

Nintendo is staying tight-lipped about the full details of the sting, saying in an official statement: "Upon the game being uploaded to the Internet, Nintendo was able to employ the use of sophisticated technological forensics to identify the individual responsible for illegally copying the file and making it available for further distribution. On 23 November, 2009, Nintendo obtained a Federal Court search order in respect of the individual’s residential premises. This led to the seizure of property from those premises in order to gain further evidence against the individual."

The chances of Nintendo seeing much of the settlement cash is slim to none but we're sure the ruling will serve as a warning to anyone tempted to be the first person to upload a Wii game in the future.