Sapphire delivers own budget HD5570 card

Graphics card shark Sapphire is now shipping its own HD 5570 card, based on AMD's second generation of 40nm GPU.

The low-profile model is pitched at the mainstream market, and Sapphire will serve up several variants all supporting Microsoft DirectX 11.

The HD 5570 is equipped with 1GB of DDR3 memory, boasting clock speeds of 650MHz core and 900MHz (1800MHz effective) for the memory. The low-profile PCB is Sapphire's own design and uses a fan-assisted cooler.

Most retail cards will ship with additional low-profile brackets enabling them to fit into low-profile cases.

Native CrossFire support allows two or more cards to be used together on a suitable motherboard. On the HD 5500 series, CrossFireX is supported in software by the driver and requires no additional interconnect.

Pricing for the series is currently a bit vague.