Android & iPhone Increase Share In Smartphone Market

Newly released statistical data by comScore, a market analytics company, has revealed that Apple and Google are gaining share in the United States smartphone market as the iPhone and Android based smartphones experience an immense rise in popularity.

According to the Q4’09 report released by comScore, Research in Motion, the company behind the BlackBerry smartphone, remained the market leader with a mighty 42 percent market share.

However, data revealed that the company’s market share had declined from Q3 along with that of Microsoft and Palm.

Apple Inc., whose iPhone 3GS has seen phenomenal sales figures, has tightened up its grip on the US smartphone market with a 25.3 percent market share in the final quarter of 2009. Google’s Android on the other hand has jumped to an impressive 5.2 percent US smartphone market share.

comScore data also pointed out the continuous decline in the market share held by Palm and Microsoft Corp with the companies ending up with market share of just 6.1 percent and 18 percent respectfully.

Commenting on the Q4 2009 market share results, comScore said in a statement that “A total of 234 million people age 13 and older in the U.S. used mobile devices in December 2009. Device manufacturer Motorola was the top-ranked OEM with 23.5% of U.S. mobile devices.”

Our Comments

Android is just about to surpass Palm although Google's mobile platform will be using significantly more handsets to achieve this goal. However, it is Apple which deserve the applauds as it now has more than a quarter of the US smartphone marketshare firmly in its hands.

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