Google To Deploy Wave For Businesses Through Apps

Search engine giant Google is all set to roll-out its Google Wave collaboration tool to businesses via its Google Apps web service along with its popular VoIP software Google Voice. The company also has plans to dish out 200 new improvements and updates for its office productivity tools.

Talking to eWeek, Google enterprise President, Dave Girouard, said in a statement that the company will be releasing Google Wave and Google Voice to businesses sometime soon in 2010.

According to Mr. Girouard, Google plans to bundle the two software services with Google Apps software suit for businesses in an attempt to offer more functionality and better inter-organisation communication to its customers and looks to take on software behemoths Microsoft and IBM, which offer their own range of office collaboration tools based on cloud computing technology.

Commenting on the possibilities that will emerge from the integration of Google Wave and Google Voice with Google Apps, Girouard told eWeek that “We are really focusing on the capability to deliver a better and better experience to end users across all applications on mobile devices and also through our Chrome browser and eventually Chrome OS.”

Our Comments

As of now, Google Apps office productivity tools cater for two million business users, who use Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sites and other apps as a part of the Google Apps suite. Google has also given its clearest indication that it will include Google Apps with Chrome OS.

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