Logitech keyboard combo lasts longer

Peripheral maker Logitech has launched a new wireless mouse and keyboard combo which claims an extraordinary three-year battery life.

The Wireless Desktop MK710 - which consists of a full size keyboard with loads of media keys, an ergonomic fast-scrolling mouse, and a tiny leave-in receiver dongle - preserves battery life by sending keystroke and other signals much quicker than the familiar 27GHz technology using a 2.4GHz transmitter.

The battery life claims are based on two million key-clicks a year in an office environment so hardcore gamers might find they have to switch batteries more often.

The combo also reduces lag which - added to the fact that you won't have to stop in the middle of that six-hour World of Warcraft raid to change batteries - will keep the gaming fraternity extremely happy. In fact Logitech reckons response times are so swift that you'll be hard pushed to tell the difference between this and a wired model.

Also featuring 128-bit encryption to flummox all but the most sophisticated keypress snoopers, a squidgy wrist rest, and an LCD display which lets you know about the various key-locks and how many months you have to go before you need a new set of Duracells.

Logitech's weeny USB receiver - which is so small you can leave it poking out of one of your laptop's USB ports with out fear of ripping it out - can also be paired with up to six other compatible peripherals.

US pricing has been set at $99 so we expect it to hit UK shelves any time now, and anywhere between £85 and £99.