MIcrosoft Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate Goes Live

Microsoft Corp., the company behind the Windows operating systems, has dished out the Release Candidate version of the delayed Visual Studio 2010 developer tool suit and has claimed that the company has been successful in fixing the glitches experienced in the early test versions of the software.

The software giant released the Visual Studio 2010 RC for developers via the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) on Monday, along with the version 4.0 of the .Net Framework while the rest of the developer community will get the RC on Wednesday.

Commenting on the Visual Studio RC, Microsoft developer division head S. Somasegar said in a statement that Microsoft plans to get a feedback from the developer community and the users to see if all the performance issues have been dealt with.

He also added that “We have made significant performance improvements specifically as it relates to loading solutions, typing, building and debugging.”

When Microsoft had released the previous version of the software, it had been severely criticised by testers who had claimed that the software was below the performance standards set by the 2008 version of Visual Studio.

According to the testers, the software experienced problems in general user interface, editing, memory usage, debugging and build. You can download it here.

Our Comments

This is now apparently solved. Visual Studio 2010 is likely to be a major product for the developement team over at Redmond. Microsoft has also incorporated a nifty new feature called "Go Live2 which allows Beta 2 users to develop and deploy before the finished product is officially on sale.

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