Motorola To Release Android 2.1 For Milestone/Droid Smartphone

Motorola, the US based mobile phone manufacturer, has announced on its official Facebook page that soon, the Android based Motorola Droid (or Milestone as it is known here) smartphone will be getting an over-the-air software update to Android 2.1 OS in a few days.

After the update, the Milestone smartphone will be running on the same platform as Google’s Nexus One, minus a few features.

The announcement, made on the company’s Facebook fan page, carried an apology to users for delays in the software updates and added that “We're happy to relay the 2.1 upgrade to DROID will start to roll out this week, and we will have more information to share on other device upgrades later this week as well.”

According to technology blog Engadget "trusted sources", the Android 2.1 upgrade for the Milestone smartphone will enable multi-touch capabilities on the smartphone, which has seen an impressive rise in its popularity in recent weeks.

Several sources privy to the matter have revealed the OS update will also bring multitouch capabilities to the built-in browser and for Google Maps 3.4, Google Googles visual search, and the news and weather widgets as seen on the Nexus One.

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However, much to the frustration of its customers, the company has failed to provide the exact date and time of the OS update and also not given any information on Android 2.1 functionality on the Milestone. The Nexus One was the first phone to get the Android 2.1 back last month.

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