Sony launches 3D (almost) ready Blu-Ray box

Sony has released its first '3D ready' Blu-Ray player, though the term '3D-capable' might be more accurate for the time being.

The stand-alone player won't be able to play 3D content until a firmware update tips up some time in the summer, but as there's currently no publicly-available 3D content about, and very few compatible TVs in the channel, that shouldn't disappoint too many early adopters.

The clamouring for all things three-dimensional triggered no doubt by James Cameron's Smurfs for grown-ups eco-cobblers Avatar, means that companies like Sony can get away flogging kit way before the market is ready for it.

It's a bit like someone trying to sell you a car stereo before the invention of the wheel, as far as we're concerned.

Surprisingly, though, Sony has pegged BDP-S570 at a very reasonable $200, which ain't half bad for a full 1080p player capable of upscaling your scummy old DVDs, with on-board Wifi, USB connectivity and a Gig of memory for storing photos and the like.

And you can also pretend you're James Bond by controlling the whole thing from your Apple iToy using free software. Bonus!