Toshiba Reveals New Range Of Freeview HD PVRs

Japanese Consumer Electronics company Toshiba has announced its first Freeview HD receiver the HDR5010 which comes a few months before the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Freeview HD coverage is expected to hit around 50 percent of the UK population while that of standard Freeview currently stands at around 95 percent.

The HDR5010 - which is compatible with DiVX - is the first of a number of Freeview HD products to be launched ahead of the sporting event of 2010. It has two Freeview HD tuners, a 500GB hard disk drive, a pair of USB ports, and both HDMI (three of them) and SCART ports.

The 500GB hard disk drive should be enough for 120 hours of HD content, at the rate of roughly 1100kps. There's also an eight-day EPG plus an Ethernet port for future firmware upgrades.

BBC iPlayer is likely to become available on the platform at a later date and although Toshiba hasn't said exactly when it wil be available, the suggested retail price of the HDR5010 has been pegged at £350 which is roughly £100 more than the Humax Freesat HD PVR although the latter has a smaller hard drive.

Sadly though, there's only a couple of HD channels - BBC HD and ITV HD - that are free for viewing. Channel4 will come slightly later. Note that you should be able to record both channels at the same time.

Our Comments

What that means as well is that the price of normal Freeview PVRs will fall down soonish. We've already seen branded 500GB Freeview Boxes approaching the £150 barrier and we expet these to go even further down (£100??) just before the world cup.

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