Apple To Offer TV Shows For As Little As 99c Says FT Report

Apple Inc., the company behind the popular iPod music devices, is all set to try a new TV-pricing scheme, under which Apple will offer downloads of popular American television shows for as low as 99 cents.

The Financial Times reported that the new TV pricing scheme is being formulated by Apple, which is currently in the middle of talks with major US production houses in order to offer TV shows for less than a dollar.

According the news reports, Apple plans to dish out the new TV pricing scheme when the iPad tablet PC device is made available for sale in stores across the North American continent.

The new pricing strategy is formulated in order to attract customers towards the shiny new toy created by Apple, which is being hailed as a bigger version of the iPod Touch.

The discussions between the production houses and Apple are a part of the broader strategy of overhauling its iTunes service, which has been a major factor in iPhone’s and iPod’s success.

Apple is also trying to move the popular music software from the desktop to the web via the cloud computing technology although we have yet to find out whether non-US customers will benefit from this.

Our Comments

Perhaps a similar strategy related to music downloads is also in the pipelines as Apple readies for the worldwide roll-out of its much-hyped tablet device. Now that technology from lala could find its way on our desktops and mobile devices far quicker that we'd expect.

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