Apple Rolls Out OS 3.2 SDK For iPad

Apple had dished out the second beta version of the new iPhone OS 3.2 Software Development Kit for iPad developers and has claimed that the company has fixed the bugs found in the first beta.

The Apple iPad SDK website also offers new iPad Programming Guide for the iPad developers which will allow them to develop apps more easily and quickly.

However Apple has made it clear that the SDK will be available to iPhone Developer Program members who can login and then download the new iPhone OS 3.2 SDK beta.

When developers were trying the first beta version of iPhone OS 3.2 SDK with iPad simulator, several of them reported that they encountered testing bugs while developing apps.

It has also been reported that the developers are under a strict non-disclosure agreement that doesn’t allow them to show screen shots of any iPad Apps running in the simulator.

Interestingly, the new iPad Programming Guide will allow Apple authorized app developers to use the new iPad Human Interface Guidelines in order to design apps with better user interaction.

Our Comments

Apart from offering a new 2nd beta version of the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK, Apple also brings Universal Application Binary format for iPhone OS Apps, which will allow a single app to be capable of working with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Now that opens a lot of prospects.

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