Blu-ray disc sales on the up as DVDs fall

Revenue from Blu-ray disc sales in Europe rose by 167 per cent last year according to home entertainment industry organisation the Digital Entertainment Group Europe (DEGE).

The press association reports that sales of the high capacity discs were worth nearly £400 million in 2009 are some recompense for a falling DVD market.

Last year saw a nine per cent decline in DVD sales revenue and a drop of two per cent by volume.

DEGE reckons the home entertainment market across Europe was worth £5.5 billion in 2009, seven per cent down on 2008.

DEGE chairman Yves Caillaud, told its annual general meeting that a "concerted cross-industry promotional effort" helped boost sales, along with a "near universal penetration of high-definition TVs."

Like many others, the industry is pinning its hopes on 3D TV. "2010 will be the year that marks the beginning of 3D's journey from theatres into European consumers' homes," PA heard Caillaud proclaim.