Cisco Foresees Explosion In Mobile Video Data Consumption

Cisco Systems, the world’s largest networking and communications technology services provider, has predicted that the mobile video traffic will account for 66 percent of all mobile data traffic by 2014.

The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Forecast for 2009-2014, which released by the company recently, comprises of independent analysts' forecasts and real-world data usage studies that indicate that by 2014, there will be over 5 billion personal devices connecting to mobile networks.

Cisco has also predicted that annual global mobile data traffic will reach 3.6 exabytes per month or a total annual amount of 40 exabytes by 2014, citing a 39 percent increase from 2009 to 2014.

Doug Webster, senior director, service provider marketing at Cisco, commenting on the results of the report, said in an official statement mentioned “The rapid consumer adoption of smart phones, netbooks, e-readers and Web-ready video cameras as well as machine-to-machine applications like eHealth monitoring and asset-tracking systems, is continuing to place unprecedented demands on mobile networks.”

Cisco also predicted that the mobile device market, which includes laptops and tablet PC, will grow at a meteoric rate with smart phones and notebooks driving more than 90 percent of global mobile traffic by 2014.

Our Comments

Obviously, Cisco, which is a major and dominating player in the network market, has a vested in seeing a significant rise in the amount of video consumed while on the move. Still, we can't see such a rise over the next three years especially as the 3G network coverage even in the UK is so poor.

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