Emblaze Set To Sue Microsoft, Apple Over Claimed Patent Infringements

Emblaze Group, an Israeli software conglomerate, has claimed that software giant Microsoft had infringed US patents related to streaming media technology developed by the company and has issued a notice to Microsoft, which has till March 15th to respond.

The Israeli software entity had issued a similar notice to Apple Inc in December last year, accusing it of infringing technology patents but Apple, as of yet, has failed to acknowledge the issue.

Expressing his views on the ongoing issue, Emblaze chairman Naftali Shani said in a statement that “While the company is happy to license its technology to third parties it will vigorously defend its rights and competitive position.”

In an official statement released by the Emblaze Group, the company has accused Windows Mobile maker Microsoft for using media streaming technology developed by Emblaze, in its IIS Smooth Streaming system, which is used by Microsoft to deliver multimedia, graphics and animation, including high-definition video via its Silverlight software.

According to the Emblaze Group, Apple has also used the technology to empower its HTTP Live Streaming application which is used its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, as well as its OS X Snow Leopard operating system.

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The Emblaze Group is the developer of Magic, Matrix and Sapiens through Formula Systems and also owns IP company Zone IP. Emblaze also owns Emoze, which sells push email services over the wireless network. Microsoft and Apple could band together and either buy the company or send legions of lawyers against it.

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