Fembot hack could dupe lonely geeks

Socially-inept instant chat users are being targeted by a new generation of flirtatious fake females.

First spotted back in 2007, the automated response programme dupes unsuspecting chatters into believing they are talking to a real sexy babe, and then directs them to dodgy web sites which either ask for credit card details, or in some cases may infect the user's computer with a virus.

We've certainly noticed an increase in trash traffic on Skype chat, with "Hi... my name is Olga and I'd like to chat with you" messages appearing on a daily basis.

Our experience is, if you're sitting at your computer trawling for chat room strangers on a Friday night and an infeasibly attractive woman says she wants to talk to you, then she's probably after something. Like the contents of your bank account.

The Fembots are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can respond convincingly to questions and other user input, apparently.