Iran bans Google Mail

Google's insidious plans to take over the world have been dealt yet another blow by the Iranian government.

Late yesterday reports started hitting the wires about Iranian citizens having trouble logging onto Gmail and the Mountain View company confirmed that there was a sharp drop in trafic from the middle eastern outpost.

At first Google thought there was a technical problem but it now seems that the plug pulling has been carried out by the Iranian government rather than a clumsy Google drone.

It turns out that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad doesn't like the cut of Google's jib and Iran is planning to roll out a governement-controlled national email service of its own.

"This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that anti-government marches have frequently been organised using these evil western mechanisms," said government spokesman Uijest Mahdimup.

The US State Department decided that the move was somehow its business saying, "Virtual walls won't work in the 21st century any better than physical walls worked in the 20th century. The Iranian people are dynamic and determined and will find a way to overcome the obstacles the Iranian government puts in their way."