Judge Says Windows Genuine Advantage Is No Spyware

A Judge in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington has dismissed a long-running lawsuit which was filed against software giant Microsoft pertaining to its Windows Genuine Advantage program, which is used by the company to zero-in on computers running on pirated Windows XP software.

The Federal judge ruled in favor of Microsoft by dismissing the lawsuit with prejudice, this means that both the parties will pay their own lawyer fees.

Expressing his satisfaction over the end-result of the lawsuit, Kevin Kutz, director of public affairs for Microsoft said in a statement that “We are pleased this resolved successfully.”

The lawsuit was filed by plaintiffs who claimed that Microsoft’s Windows Genuine Advantage program was actually a spyware which was deigned to determine whether a user's version of Windows was pirated.

It sent information back to Microsoft at regular intervals about user's hardware and software and warned them of piracy violations.

The plaintiffs claimed in their official compliant lodged with the court that Microsoft had failed to inform the users about the actual purpose of the scheme and had categorized it as an important security update.

Our Comments

However, it is still not clear whether Microsoft reached a settlement agreement with the plaintiffs on the lawsuit, which was denied the ‘class-action’ status by the courts in January. Still, with or without WGA, hackers will do their best to make Microsoft's life miserable.

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