Microsoft and Apple accused of patent theft

An Israeli software house, Emblaze has accused both Microsoft and Apple of infringing media streaming technology patents it owns.

The Emblaze Group accused Microsoft of using media streaming technology developed by Emblaze, in its IIS Smooth Streaming system.

Emblaze Group said Apple also used the technology in its Live Streaming application used in its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, as well as its OS X Snow Leopard.

The Emblaze Group issued a notice to Microsoft, giving it until March 15th to respond. The firm said it had issued a similar notice to Apple Inc in December last year, accusing it of infringing technology patents but Apple had failed to acknowledge the missive.

Emblaze chairman Naftali Shani said: “While the company is happy to license its technology to third parties it will vigorously defend its rights and competitive position."

Emblaze said it has been developing the technology for over a decade and won't be ripped off by the industry's biggest players.

Apple and Microsoft are both yet to comment.