Microsoft To Use Xbox 360 Gaming Platform In Health Sector

During the Microsoft forum on healthcare technology in Beijing, Microsoft Research Labs scientists have reported that the company is conducting a research to find the best ways to use its Xbox 360 gaming console, surface computers and mobile phone applications to offer products that would improve healthcare.

Microsoft Research, the technology research arm of the software giant, has been developing many healthcare applications that will be able to sync with Microsoft’s HealthVault, a healthcare service which allows patients to keep track of their health records.

The Microsoft researchers speaking at the conference, explained that they were developing a new healthcare application for Windows Mobile platform, MyLife, which will allow users to log health metrics like blood pressure and weight, and monitor daily activities including exercise, walking and eating.

If the research goes as intended, then users will be able to photograph their meals in order to get information related to caloric content, food group and allergy.

The researchers at Microsoft believe that the MyLife application will revolutionise the way medical records of patients are handled by allowing patients to keep track of their own medical records.

Our Comments

Another Microsoft research in the field of healthcare technology is pertaining to the Xbox gaming console and how it can be used to feed information from electronic medical records onto in-room display screens for patients. Microsoft is taking on Nintendo here as the NHS has already recommended the use of the Wii in some cases.

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