Regional Variations Detected In Freeview HD Signals Nationwide

Freeview UK, the collection of free-to-air services on the Digital Terrestrial Television platform, has updated its database which indicates signal strengths for the Freeview service around the UK.

However, the database update has also brought to light many regional variations, regarding the service’s signal.

According to several sources, when the company updated the database, it was found that several locations were experiencing different levels of signal waves, the problem being technical rather than geographical factors.

These signal variations mean that when the Freeview HD service will be rolled-out across UK, customers will not be getting the HD video quality promised in the marketing campaigns undertaken to promote the service across the UK.

The variations will result in Freeview HD signal having to run on lower power levels in some areas.

Several industry experts believe that the variations in signal are being caused by something called interleaved spectrum and will seriously impend Freeview’s plan to get whole of the UK hooked on to its HD service.

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In related news, Freeview has conducted a survey which indicates that almost 350,000 Sky customers plan to shift to Freeview HD service when it will be launched in six week’s time along with a £120 set-top-box.

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