Swedes are world's top geeks

Swedes are the geekiest people on earth, research reveals.

The northeren wasteland has taken top spot from the United States in an annual survey of geekiness run by London Business School professor Leonard Waverman

"Sweden not only has the best current mix of attributes, but it also shows few signs of losing its lead," Waverman said. "By contrast, there is the beginning of a gap in what was once the essence of U.S. leadership in most industrial and service sectors - education and skills."

Sweden was second in the last survey behind the United States. Norway placed third, up from fifth spot last year.

"Economic recovery and government stimulus packages aimed at boosting broadband deployment and ICT development should provide room for optimism in the coming years," Waverman said.

Countries in eastern and southern Europe -- including Italy, Spain, Greece and Poland -- took the last spots on the list of 25 developed countries. Malaysia, helped by good co-operation between the public and private sectors, continued to top the list for developing countries, while South Africa rose to second spot, helped by strong corporate spending on IT hardware, software and services.

Following are the ratings for top 10 "innovation driven economies" measured in the study, scale 1-10, with last year ranking in the brackets:

1 Sweden 7.95

2 United States 7.77

3 Norway 7.74

4 Denmark 7.54

5 Netherlands 7.52

6 Finland 7.26

7 Australia 7.04

8 United Kingdom 7.03

9 Canada 7.02

10 Japan 6.73