Big Blue Pushes Yet Another Data Centre For Cloud Computing

In an attempt to expand its cloud computing services and user base, International Business Machines (IBM) has announced that the company will be opening a new data center in North Carolina, USA, which will be focused solely on expanding cloud computing services to organisations.

According to the New York based IT giant, the new data center will consist of 100,000 sq feet of pure computing power in IBM’s facility at Research Triangle Park campus.

Expressing his satisfaction on the new initiative, Pat Kerin, a general manager with IBM North Africa mentioned “Data centers have always been a critical part of IBM’s global technology services and they will be even more important as the processes, infrastructure, and systems that define business today become increasingly connected and intelligent”.

Many analysts believe that the data center solutions offered by IBM extend a host of benefits to companies looking at streamlining their operations and save costs.

They also allow organisations to work towards better energy efficiency and allow them to scale up whenever they experience a need in a relatively short period of time.

IBM incidentally has been actively pushing its cloud computing initiatives and just last week it announced that it was testing cloud computing solutions for the United States Air Force.

Our Comments

More cloud computing infrastructure being set up by another blue-chip company. Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Apple have already set up millions of square feet of data centre facilities worldwide and all this is pointing towards a massive paradigm shift to come soon.

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