Facebook Integrates AOL In Its Web Chat Client

Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking site and AOL, the popular instant messaging service provider, have teamed up together in attempt to provide their users a chance to add friends and chat with them across the two platforms.

According to the partnership deal, Facebook Chat users will be able to access AOL’s AIM instant messenger and other similar IM clients with their Facebook credentials and will be able to chat with their ‘Facebook friends’ without having to actually log into the site.

In an official statement published on the Facebook blog, David Reiss of Facebook stated that every day, around 2 billion chat messages were exchanged on Facebook, therefore, both the companies decided to work around this factor to create something which is profitable for everyone.

Reiss also added that “We've also built support for Facebook Chat into Facebook Connect for developers wishing to build chat experiences into their Web site, desktop or mobile instant messaging applications and services.”

Interestingly, Facebook Chat will also be integrated with AOL’s Lifestream app, which is designed to take updates from streams generating from various social networking websites and integrating them into the AIM instant messenger environment.

Our Comments

This deal with the social networking giant will surely help AOL to reinstate the AIM messenger as the preferred IM client of the masses. From Microsoft to Google, everyone has acknowledge the importance of Facebook as a social networking platform.

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