Facebook squat party lights up Park Lane

London Police said more than 2,000 oiks turned up for a party in a squatted mansion on Park Lane after details were put out on Facebook.

The plod arrived just after 11pm and said they were trying to get the revellers off the roof of the six-storey mansion because the thought it might collapse. Just for good measure they called in riot police to back them up.

The Independent sniffed around Twitter for updates and found one Twit who tweeted at around: 1.30am: “There’s like 300 riot police outside. Closed down whole of Marble Arch. F***ing riot police raided. Batons and all. Intense.”

The party had been advertised on Facebook as a "night of mayhem" to celebrate the capture of the six-storey Georgian mansion by squatters.

A bit of Oxford Street and all of Park Lane were closed off for more than three hours as police did their job of trying to stop people enjoying themselves.

Lippy crooner Courtney Love, who can afford to live on Park Lane, was supposed to be gigging in Camden in a reunion with her band, Hole. But the ageing rocker seems not to be as rock and roll as she pretends. She couldn't make the gig. She Twittered: "There was...a massive riot tonight outside my house, the cops wouldn’t let me leave." Poor Love.

Eventually the London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade joined the Plod in annoying party-goers, who apparently reciprocated with bricks and bottles.

The Daily Wail is up in arms but has spent a fortune on pictures of the happenings. One reader, Crazy Kriss, of Mayfair innit, commented "I woz there. It was wikkid innit."

It is thought Wail hacks are trying to find Kriss to make sure she never reads their paper again.

In a statement, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "The overriding concern of all agencies was to ensure the safety of people inside the premises as the roof was thought to be unsafe."