Facebook Zaps Profile Pages Of 30 Prisoners

Social networking giant Facebook has deleted the profile pages of 30 convicts who were using their Facebook profiles to taunt victims and their family members, says Justice Secretary Jack Straw.

Facebook was made aware of the offending profiles and these were removed within 48 hours of reporting.

Lately, several incidents have been reported in which prisoners have been caught accessing social networking sites from mobile phones that are illegally smuggled into the prisons.

The issue has emerged as a critical security threat and has given rise to doubts about the level of security within the prisons.

Speaking after a meeting with Ofcom’s Chris Wolard, Richard Allan, Facebook’s European Director of Policy and several members of Families United, the Justice Secretary told the BBC that the government needed to form a proper system with social networking sites like Facebook in order to deal with the situation.

Mr. Straw also confirmed that the ministers were working on methods and policies in order to prevent the ‘deplorable’ use of social networking sites by prisoners.

He also added that laws need to be formulated, which prevent prisoners from using social networking sites. According to the current laws prisoners have access to the internet only for educational purposes.

Our Comments

The true question now is whether some prisoners are going to say that their human rights are being violated and that they "need" the internet. Which brings forward another fundamental question? What is the purpose of a prison if not to remove some rights from someone who has committed a crime.

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