Google Provides With Some Interesting Data On Buzz

It has only been three days since Buzz, Google's latest venture in the world of social networking, has been launched and already they have started to churn out some interesting figures and push out a range of improvements.

According to Todd Jackson, Product Manager, Gmail and Google Buzz (ed : interesting that Buzz and Gmail are under the same umbrella), tens of millions of people have checked out Buzz - which would place mean that at least 14 percent of Gmail's user base has access to it.

Worryingly, only a fraction have created posts and comments it seems. Over these 48 hours (Jackson's post was written yesterday), more than 9 million posts and comments have been generated, that's a massive 160,000 updates per hour or put it otherwise, 44 per second, which is slightly less impressive. Buzz on Mobile is even worse it seems with Mashable saying that 200 posts per minute or around 3 posts per second have been published.

This means that a substantial number of Gmail users just came to see and left without updating anything and we're not even accounting for the fraction people who became regular users of the service, thereby skewing the distribution.

But Buzz is still in its infancy and when Google will finally allow the 140 million or so users of Gmail to have access to it, expect the number of updates to increase exponentially, maybe reaching one million updates per hour.

As a comparison, when Michael Jackson died, more than 1.2 million tweets were posted in one hour.

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Let us know what you really think of Buzz and whether you have adopted it as a complement to Twitter and other social networking tools that you might be using.

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