Google Releases New Beta Chrome Web Browser For Mac

Search engine giant Google has announced the release of a new update for the beta version of its Chrome web browser for Mac, which will now be able to offer extensions or add-ons, bookmark sync and many other features that were previously absent.

According to the blog post made on the official Chrome blog, the users of the updated Chrome for Mac beta will be able to install various extensions or add-ons offered by Google for the web browser.

The extensions can be downloaded from the extensions gallery which contains almost 2,200 extensions that are capable of adding ‘useful, informative, fun, or quirky functionality to the browser’.

The updated beta version of the Chrome browser for Mac will now allow Mac users to import bookmarks and other browser information from other browsers to their Chrome browser, effortlessly.

The bookmark sync feature also works for Linux and Windows based desktops as well. Mac users wanting to try the updated browser can download it from the Chrome Blog and existing users will be automatically updated.

Google has designed the Chrome web browser in a manner that it could provide a fast and safe browser experience to its users and has a minimalist interface with tabs on the top and a single box for entering web addresses and performing searches.

Our Comments

The Mac platform is a tiny but growing and vocal community. Getting them onboard is essential if Google is to keep Safari (and Apple) at arms length. Whether Mac users will consider using TWO different browsers for their desktop-bound and mobile devices remains to be seen.

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