IBM Rolls Out Mother Of All NAS

More news from Technology giant IBM, this time, has unveiled its Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS) enterprise storage offering, in an attempt to enter the emerging market of clustered network-attached storage systems (NAS).

According to a statement issued by Big Blue, the SONAS product offering is designed to bring supercomputing to the cloud by generating efficient capacity and performance levels and allow businesses parallel access to stored data and the ability to maintain billions of files at the same time.

The IBM SONAS system is capable of using between one and 30 storage 'pods' containing a storage node, a storage controller and 7,200RPM or 15,000RPM drives and offering a massive storage capacity of 14.4 petabytes.

According to Doug Balog, vice president of disk systems at IBM, the system is capable of generating data equal to the capacity of all the US libraries in a day.

Commenting on the newly unveiled SONAS system, which was developed as part of IBM's General Parallel File System, Balog said in a statement that “Companies need to cost-effectively store that data, and rapidly locate it and provide ubiquitous access to it instantly. Sonas addresses these needs and provides clients with the right scalable solution.”

Our Comments

Impressive technology from IBM. The aptly named SONAS is a notch higher than consumer-grade offers like Amazon's S3 and comes two years after IBM purchased Arsenal Digital.

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