Microsoft May Launch Office Suite For iPad

Microsoft could well launch its first application for the iPad platform and it might be an evolution of Office For Mac 2011, which was presented yesterday in London.

Microsoft Senior Product manager, Mike Tedesco, told T3 that it was something they were looking at but that "there's nothing to announce or nothing that I can talk to you about today".

The iPad which was released last month has attracted a number of mixed reviews worldwide and Apple has already demoed a number of productivity apps separately, Keynote, Pages and Numbers, for $9.99 each.

Obviously, Microsoft has its own tablet technology embedded into Windows 7 and Vista for some time (ed : strange that Windows Mobile 6.5.3 or Mobile 7 was not mentioned) and Windows XP had a tablet edition for a few years already.

Microsoft doesn't have any app for the iPhone or the iPod Touch in the App store so it is somewhat strange should it decide to port its flagship business application for a new, still-unproven platform.

Mind you, it might just be a red herring to mess up with Apple's fanboys and send all the wrong signals.

Our Comments

Seriously though, we don't think that Microsoft will be launching an application for any portable Apple devices anytime soon simply because it would give more ammo to Apple's mobile platforms, not something Apple is particularly keen on for now.

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