Microsoft pulls BSODing update

Microsoft has stopped downloads of a security patch that borked XP users' PCs to such an extent the Blue Screen of Death was all that was left on a system that had been chugging away nicely until Windows Update got its hands on it.

The company's support forum was flooded with complaints after Tuesday's massive round of fixing and Band-Aiding borked Windows XP users' PCs.

The thread kicked off with a post from a user called "tansenroy" who complained: "I updated 11 Windows XP updates today and restarted my PC like it asked me to. From then on, Windows cannot restart again! It is stopping at the blue screen with the following message: 'A problem has been detected and Windows has been shutdown to prevent damage to your computer.'"

User "moosewalk" even "had to go to work and use my Mac to get online to find out what is going on with the XP updates last night."

Eventually a Vole tipped up to "thank everyone for the great information and discusion" in the thread.

He reckoned that uninstalling one patch would "resolve the blue screen issue." KB977165 is the patch in question, he said. "The other patches do not seem to cause the blue screen behaviour and do not need to be uninstalled."

Users were told to boot from a Windows XP CD or DVD which would be problematic enough especially for netbook users. Retailers have tried to avoid offering Windows disks for some years now. Many users are still flummoxed.

Uninstalling the patch might make your machine less secure, but at least it will work!