Reasons why Apple will stick with Google

Rumours that Apple would drop search partner Google in order to get into bed with Microsoft's Johnny-come-lately search service Bing have been doing the rounds lately.

It has also been suggested that the Cupertino Cabal might be developing its own search algorithms to take on the mighty Gurgle at its own game.

But a source who has spoken to Business Insider has quashed most of that conjecture and flim-flam by revealing that Apple has millions of reasons to stick with the world's most-used search engine, and all of them have a picture of George Washington on them.

The source, described as 'familiar with Apple's operations' (whatever that means. Perhaps it's Steve Jobs' liver transplant surgeon) says that Apple rakes in over $100 million a year in a split revenue deal with Google.

Of course Microsoft has very deep pockets, but we can't see the Redmond Massive handing huge piles of cash over to Apple when it is desperately trying to turn a buck with Bing off its own back.