£599 Toshiba Regza 46XV635DB (46XV635) 46 inch Freeview Full HD 1080p LCD Television

Toshiba REGZA 46XV635DB is a 46 inch Full HD LCD television that has been meticulously designed model created by some of the most talented innovators in the technological industry.

This superior LCD television offers viewers endless hours of great pictures and incredible sound.

You are in for a treat when you experience the mastermind behind the LCD TV; Metabrain, which controls features such as Resolution+, AutoView and Active Vision Picture Processing.

Watching action-packed movies and sports will never be the same again thanks to the award winning Active Vision II; designed to improve four areas of the picture you view including colour, movement, contrast and detail.

While the HD Ready Panel with active backlight control will allow you to enjoy plenty of high definition including a variety of impressive vibrant colours and well-defined detail.

The 46XV635DB has a built in Freeview Tuner so you can enjoy free to view radio and television channels without the need for an additional box, contract or monthly subscription.

Auto View function analyses the content being shown in real time taking into account the lighting in your room to provide a better viewing experience. Whether the room is light or dark, the backlight will be adjusted accordingly, reducing the level of power consumption and eliminating the risk of eye strain.

Four HDMI Inputs are built-in (two on the rear, two on the side, all with CEC) to let you have easy connection to HD Sources such as Blu-ray.

The side mounted HDMI Inputs mean connecting cameras and Camcorders will become hassle free, as you no longer have to strain to get around the back of the TV. Unlike a 50Hz, the Toshiba 46XV635DB doubles the amount of pictures projected on screen (100Hz) to reduce flickers.

While Active Vision M100HD Pro technology creates new frames to appear between the original transmitted frames. The result is seamless motion.

The REGZA 46XV635DB comes with 1080p Full HD (High resolution 1920 x 1080pixel) resolution to capture even the smallest details of images.

Auto View not only takes into account the room lighting but also analyses the content being shown in real time. The ambient light sensor constantly adjusts the LCD’s backlight depending on the lighting condition in the room to provide a better viewing experience.

Available to buy from Digitaldirect from only £599 including delivery.