UK Developer Partners With Google's Admob On Charting iPhone Apps

UK digital user experience experts, ustwo, has partnered with Admob, the mobile ad network recently acquired by Google, to deliver an app that allows users to monitor the top 300 apps in Apple's App store from the last six months.

Targeting primarily developers, marketers and err... Journalists like us, PositionApp will cost just as much as a couple of pints of beers in Central London when it is released in April.

But for the next 60 days, Admob will sponsor the application, which can be downloaded from iTunes, and is set to have its own 15 minutes of glory as it was yesterday in the Top 100 (All charts) in 7 countries, two days after it was launched.

ustwo gets its primary data by scrapping iTunes directly, every hour, thereby giving a 100 percent accurate reading of what is happening in an ecosystem that counts more than 140,000 apps with nearly 50,000 new ones submitted every month.

Where PositionApp has the edge over some of its competitors is in its breadth and depth of data.

Appexplorer for example is a website and cannot be accessed via the iPhone since it uses Flash extensively (weirdly, it shows more than 156,000 apps). It appears to be limited to the US as well.

As for TopAppCharts, it only gives data as far as the last 30 days, not the last 180 days as PositionApp. In addition, the app discovery and performance-tracking tool covers all countries across all categories as well.

It is obviously quite interesting to find out which applications are actually doing well and which one aren't.

The fact that Admob has partnered with ustwo also adds a very interesting twist as it has a clear interest in finding out who the winners in the App race are.

As for Apple, the mere fact that they have given a positive nod to the project can only mean good news for other scrapers and could yield some very exciting projects over the forthcoming months.